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Welcome! - Water and water... there is a lot of water on our small planet-Water happens to be one of the most abundant natural resources that this planet has to offer; over 70% of our globe is covered with it, and no drilling or discovery is needed

Big fundamental question ? - How can we extract some of the enormous amount of energy in form of clean hydrogen fuel out of water economically? We found the answer..

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Energy Technologies CZ a.s. is incorporated in the Czech Republic, and it will more than likely be renamed and restructured as another corporation in the United States and perhaps in other countries to better reflect our new role and new direction. For now, we are a small, private, dedicated group of individuals who were willing to step into unchartered waters and support R&D based on witnessing a few simple experiments.

     We are dedicated to putting forward a small, practical, completely independent energy producing system which produces its own hydrogen-based fuel from WATER on demand. This fuel will be used to produce all the electrical, heating/cooling and hot water requirements of individual homes and small businesses, directly on site, more economically and in a more environmentally-responsible manner than any central power company. 

     Ultimately, we let the product speak for itself. We are proving the potential of our innovation by creating a new generation electrolyzer of water and "ImPS", the Independent micro Power Station.

     Our next step after nine years of extensive research evaluations and development is to commercially exploit and harness the energy of hydrogen locked in water and  its enormous global economic potential. This new cheap and clean hydrogen fuel itself has the ability in time to replace fossil fuels altogether and we should  also slowly start a departure from the central generating power systems currently used around the world.