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Welcome! - Water and water... there is a lot of water on our small planet-Water happens to be one of the most abundant natural resources that this planet has to offer; over 70% of our globe is covered with it, and no drilling or discovery is needed

Big fundamental question ? - How can we extract some of the enormous amount of energy in form of clean hydrogen fuel out of water economically? We found the answer..

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Is a violent global energy revolution preventable?


    For decades there has been much talk about hydrogen and its place in the global energy mix now and 20 to 30 years into the future. A  Czech born co-innovator/ inventor has for the last ten years invested most of  his time and effort in search of how to extract energy out of water “cheaply”. He wanted to come up with a discovery and new approach, including a very crucial element and utilization of one other element that is normally overlooked. This new approach will become a new way to extract hydrogen and its large amounts of energy from water as it unlocks the secrets that have been eluding scientist for a very long time. The end result is revolutionary; this new process for Hydrogen Based Fuel from water is from start to finish, by far, the cheapest and cleanest process that will completely outshine any current fossil fuels in use today.  In years to come this new Hydrogen Based fuel will entirely change the global energy outlook in every industry, and as such, it will have an impact on every sector of human endeavor.

   The old metaphor that extracting hydrogen from water is not a viable process is no longer true.  In fact, it is highly viable because it is derived from water - the most plentiful free global resource. With this new discovered technology, the human race has now the ability to produce the cheapest, cleanest and most environmental-friendly fuel there is; with benefits to expand our potential in ways that would never have been possible with fossil fuels. We can accomplish all of our human ambitions, being more in balance with nature than ever before, without worrying that we are slowly destroying our precious environment for future generations. For billions around the globe this will be sign of relief; as energy ownership, distribution and its cost will be on a different playing field.  From now on, the fossil fuels, especially the crude oil and natural gas will  have a  strong drawback; the new reserves will have to be discovered  – a task that is getting  harder and harder with every passing year. Water however is for most part everywhere, and anybody can get it, no expensive search or drilling is involved…, just turn on an ordinary water faucet, it is that simple.

   However those who are our current suppliers of energy and the millions who depend on incomes derived from those activities may now be in jeopardy. How do you compete with a natural resource the “WATER” that everybody has already in their home.  The question that is coming out of this new situation is simple, nevertheless it may have a very consequential impact on many countries, including members of OPEC, and all the rest of the Crude oil and Natural gas producing countries and all their related industries. Should the new Hydrogen Based Fuel technology be announced and released globally immediately as any other important breakthrough normally may be, with  whatever the impact or consequences this may create? Or should consideration be given to those countries and release the technology with a coordinated effort, to allow countries with any current reserves to adopt necessary changes to cope with the potential disastrous negative impacts on their economies and impact on their people? Would the holders of oil reserves, gas reserves and all other fossil fuels give the same consideration to rest of the world if the situation were reversed? Obviously not, we are  living in and experiencing a system that is already in place; leaving the global energy needs largely to “free markets” in hands of financial investors’ and speculators using stock markets  around the globe and supported by governments. Should the new Hydrogen Based Fuel technology then use the same platform i.e. the same free market model? If that should be the case, will we be facing many unhappy countries and many more unhappy people?

     In the larger global picture, depending how the new technology and new Hydrogen Based Fuel are governed, the current energy suppliers may either slowly or swiftly be striped of their, in some cases, main source of income for their nations.  Many outside of the sphere of current energy controls however hold no sympathy for the controlling owners of reserves, they have plenty of money stashed away to last them for generations. Many therefore would argue strongly for the free market, it is already in place and has been working just fine. It is a self-correcting system based on demand, the larger the demand, the bigger the price; smaller the demand smaller the price; and if there is no demand for your product, you may be out of the game.

   However the real impact will be mostly felt by the  ordinary citizens of those countries, who never had any say regarding how their nation’s natural resources are managed and who it benefits the most. In this context, the question has to be asked, is the free market really self correcting or is it also, to a  large extent,  influenced by the stock markets  and all the speculators who play the game?  These speculators don’t produce anything, and as seen in many instances in the past they have used the power to manipulate prices and outcomes using nothing but their analysts’ predictions. How many wrong predictions have we heard over the years?  With immunity they profit enormously regardless of how wrong their predictions may be. This is after all the “only game in town”, and it doesn’t appear to be a very democratic game for the rest.

   Energy is, without question, the wheel that drives global development and has a direct influence on the wealth of a few groups of individuals, some corporations and individual nations as their incomes are directly tied to their crude oil reserves and their oil exports.  Their well being and high standard of living in some cases is a direct result of their power over energy resources. The rest of the world is however also very directly influenced by energy needs and ultimately must pay whatever the price tag- no mater how high the price may be; even if the price is just reflection of speculators and bares no relation to real cost of production of crude oil. Price of $ 147.00 per barrel not that long ago should stick in our collective memory, as a reminder of things to come.  The price of crude oil was down for while, largely due to the global economic slump. Just wait a while, as the economies around the world start to slowly rebound. As the current political turmoil’s is spreading  the crude oil prices  started to rise again and may even reach $ 200.00 plus ?? And since there was no alternative to switch to, most governments have to use their individual ability to either import or by other means secure their energy needs. Many governments may publicly complain in their own countries, but at the same time they quietly enjoy the additional tax revenues that they collect from their citizens for high oil prices.

   The last few years should be a warning that energy may indeed be grounds for a larger global conflict. Iraq and US involvement in that country speaks volumes, and if not for the fact that Iraq sits on the second largest reserves of crude oil, many speculate that the US would not have become involved in that venture. And as the world oil reserves slowly start to dwindle, is the Iraq experience a prelude to things to come in the next 15 to 25 years?

Are the ever growing global energy needs pushing us slowly but surely to an inevitable violent world revolution between the billions of have-nots and the 5% or less haves- the owners of the energy reserves? Ultimately, to ensure survival either real or perceived, a country will resort to the most extreme measures to preserve its standard of living and maintain the status quo. Politics may strangely keep changing its own complexion not just year to year but from day to day.

    There are various religious, political or even commercial bodies that influence world affairs. Each man nevertheless consists of what he holds dear:  life itself, his family, his money, and even his faith, fundamentals that most would be willing to die to protect. They result in the happiness that each person craves.  National and cultural groups also have integrated personalities of their own which cannot be subjected to a mechanistic treatment which is merely based on quantitative statistics or facts, without injury. Such roots of integration lie deeply buried in history. The partitioning of nations has resulted in genocidal tragedies.

   Although the United States presents itself as one of the most enlightened nations in the world with regard to its economic philosophy, the recent near financial collapse originating in US  proves one thing: that no country in world is immune to economic pressures in their own country or in the global economy. Even more shocking was how easily a few Wall Street speculators were able to persuade and manipulate the whole global financial system.. Almost the whole global financial complex came close to crumbling down to its foundations. Did capitalism just receive a smack on its face in recent events or is something more profound emerging? Did the US government in an attempt to save face and not to lose its global financial authority make things even worse?   Did large financial institutions especially in US received even better license to gamble?  Large commercial muscles and banking agencies fulfill many of the functions which should properly be handled as a global economic effort, rather than one or few governments trying to flex its muscles.

    If energy price hikes are any indication, then imagine how would some countries react in order to prevent the collapse of their own economies? The countries with large oil reserves will most likely be placed in danger of being subject to military engagements with countries trying to secure those reserves for themselves in the name of protecting their national security interests. No sovereignty rights and claims will be able to prevent war over those resources. Member countries of OPEC recognize the predicament very well and have expressed this in their charter and other OPEC’s proclamations documents.

    International organizations exist in many forms. Member nations may or may not ratify their resolutions, and even when they do, the limitations of their own arbitrary sovereignty or nationalism are never wholly discarded. Rather, in the name of national interests they are able to take actions on their own or they will extend efforts to form coalitions with friendly countries with similar interests.  It is clear from our history that the financial hierarchy of the world will go to war if necessary to gain control of money, and they will go to war to secure energy resources if necessary and to maintain control, regardless of how many wars it may take. 

The issue or question that is vital to economic well-being then is:  Should government be subordinate to money changers ruling democracy, or should democracy rule the money changers? And should that apply to the new emerging era of energy as well?

Utilizing globally the discovery of new Hydrogen Based Fuel, we never need to find out about the outcomes of the rather sad predictions for our future with above mentioned scenarios.

    United States declared that it wants to wean it self from foreign oil imports in next 10 years with help of green energy and other measures. Now the United States and all the rest of the “must import oil” countries may secure new technology that just become available and gain ability to accomplish this goal even sooner. Time will show how serious they really are.

    This discovery and innovation is, without question, a huge gain - especially when we consider that it is clean, non-polluting energy source that we are now able to extract from ordinary water.  It is absolutely the answer to our global energy problems. This discovery comes as a timely alternative to our current and future fossil fuel uncertainties. Using this clean and inexpensive hydrogen-based fuel technology should give humanity worldwide a new environmental lease on life. If managed properly, global gain in diverse measure of individual prosperity will touch billions, and some benefits will ultimately filter down to include the poor and unfortunate in every corner of the world and will likely be unmatched for a long time to come. Over the next twenty - to thirty years, this new hydrogen-based fuel technology should completely change how energy is produced and used all around the globe. It should have lasting effects that will be enjoyed by many generations to come.Because of its broad application, this technology offers global promise with the unparalleled potential of totally restructuring the worldwide energy industry as we know it, and will change all of our lives for better as well.




The Energy Revolution is Here!



Water is one of most abundant resources in the world, and (contrary to popular belief) splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen is the simplest and most straightforward electrochemical process to obtain hydrogen as a primary product for our new fuel. The new discovery makes energy production much better, easier, and number of times cheaper than any fossil fuel in use today. The term “revolutionary” in this case may be an understatement. The new discovery was ten years in the making in labs in the Czech Republic, using an unconventional technological approach that has been inserted into  the old electrolysis process.  Using this new process along with a few additional steps and added elements, we are now able to produce Hydrogen-based fuel (eH2Fuel) using ordinary tap water as a raw material with astounding results. We now have the technology and ability to produce by far the cheapest and cleanest non-polluting fuel available. With small modifications, it may be utilized anywhere that fossil fuels are used today.

The discovery of this new process of creating new Hydrogen-based fuel from ordinary tap water, allows us to produce hydrogen-based fuel number of times cheaper than the cost of fossil fuels. Hydrogen-based fuel produced using water will provide a huge leap forward in terms of the end-user costs and the energy levels obtained. Each of our existing fossil fuels has a different heat capacity and comes in different forms. When compered the energy contents and the cost per Btu individually for natural gas, gasoline, diesel, heating oil, jet fuel, and other fossil fuels, the savings may be even higher. It is as though gasoline costing $4.00 per gallon would cost only $ 0.50.

The “ number of times cheaper” is a starting point. When used in a variety of experiments, the numbers are even higher that we are using as our current minimums, however more research is needed to put some of the higher numbers from promising experiments  into practical use.

This discovery and innovation is, without question, a huge gain - especially when we consider that it is clean, non-polluting energy source that we are now able to extract from ordinary water.  It is absolutely the answer to our global energy problems. This discovery comes as a timely alternative to our current and future fossil fuel uncertainties. Using this clean and inexpensive hydrogen-based fuel technology should give humanity worldwide a new environmental lease on life. If managed properly, global prosperity will likely be unmatched for a long time to come. Over the next twenty years, this new hydrogen-based fuel technology should completely change how energy is produced and used all around the globe. It should have lasting effects that will be enjoyed by many generations to come.

This hydrogen-based fuel may be produced and utilized in any and all situations where fossil fuels are used today, including in the production of electricity. The hydrogen fuel is produced by a new technology in an adequately sized electro-chemical reactor. The hydrogen-based fuel is produced only on demand,which means that it is used immediately as it is produced (no storage or transportation of the fuel is ever needed) in any location - your own home, place of business or any other commercial or industrial setting. Fairly small units may be included in any transportation situation such as cars, trucks, buses, etc. The size of the hydrogen-based fuel production unit is built according to one’s energy needs: The larger the need, the larger the hydrogen-based fuel production unit.  One would purchase the size needed for one’s energy requirements and, as mentioned before, no or transportation of fuel is ever needed. The idea is simple. The consumer and user of energy becomes his or her own small producer of energy, independent of any large central producers. This technology and idea is very easily applied to any circumstance.  It is also foreseeable that it will prevent any future price wars over our energy needs.

We are able to produce hydrogen-based eH2Fuel- independent micro Hydrogen-based Fuel Production Unit in whatever amounts may be needed for any given situation. The hydrogen-based fuel can be used with some minor adjustments just about anywhere that fossil fuels are used today, including large electric power generators and industrial processes that require heat for product processing. The fuel is easily adaptable to any transportation situation including cars, trucks, buses, and large or small ships. With a little more effort, this new Hydrogen-based fuel will meet the more stringent requirements associated with air transportation. Since fuel will be produced as you fly, an extra safety factor must be considered: What if the hydrogen-based fuel production unit malfunctions? Installation of a number of independent units will most likely solve that issue. The final outcome is cheap, a clean propulsion system, and much better than carrying huge, heavy loads of highly explosive jet fuel on board.

 For residential and small business settings, the small ImPS™(“Independent micro Power Station™) is already in the full product design stage for global mass production. This design size will utilize new hydrogen-based clean eH2Fuel™ combined with a quiet Stirling engine. The two part system will be the size of dishwasher and up to  standard two door refrigerator and will be able to produce anywhere from 3kW and up to 50 kW of electricity 24/7, and utilize any excess heat for heating and hot water - cheaply, easily and cleanly, with almost no human intervention. Power not used by the home owner will be sold to the grid. As electric car technology continues to progress, in time one should be able to charge an electric car using a power outlet at home and the electricity produced by his or her Independent micro Power Station™.   No more trips to the gas station! One will be able to charge up his or her car for a few cents compared to the cost of gasoline today. Cost of the unit should not exceed $ 15,000 - $ 30,000 for the residential-sized unit, and it is estimated that the system will pay for itself in less than two years. For long distance trips, cars may be equipped with their own hydrogen-based fuel unit generators weighing less than 100 pounds. All you need to add is tap water: In fact, 1 gallon of water should let you travel 100 miles or more!

                                                                                                          The Energy Revolution is Here!

Combining Hydrogen based eH2Fuel(electrolytic Hydrogen Fuel™) production unit with a new design of quietly running old Stirling engine technology, we have a new unit - Small ImPS™- (Independent micro Power Station™).

After the eH2Fuel, the ImPS may be the other new revolutionary energy product. We now have a way to empower millions of individual home owners around the globe, to become their own energy producers using environmental friendly small ImPS™-  non polluting Independent micro Power Station™. The two unit system is underway in the product development stage-- designed for home or small business use. The system will produce electricity, heat and hot water, and includes a unit generating eH2Fuel™ producing its own Hydrogen fuel from WATER on demand!!   Anytime, anywhere, no storage of fuel is necessary, depending on individual design unit size this small combined unit will produce anywhere  from 3 kW and up to 50 kW of electricity per hour 24-7.  Designed for an (in line) option - one may connect up to 10 individual units together for larger power capacity.  Its own fuel cost is only a fraction of the cost of any of the fossil fuels used today, any unused electricity produced may be sold to the grid or power your future plug-in electric car, introducing the ability to drive essentially for free. 

A pilot program involving model manufacturing facilities, producing  up  to 1 Mill. units per year is under negotiations with a European country with generous incentives and tax advantages. This Technology will be ready for mass manufacturing in about 15 - 20 months, allowing for the manufacture of these units with current manufacturing technologies anywhere in world.